Grant Winners

The One95 Youth Innovation Fund (One95 Fund) issues grants to youth activists around the world working to combat extremism in their respective communities. It is a unique mechanism to help scale up and/or seed effective and innovative youth-led counter-extremism projects worldwide. The One95 Fund awarded its first grants to select participants from the September 2015 Global Youth Summit Against Violent Extremism with outstanding counter-extremism ideas, which the Counter Extremism Project co-hosted with support from the U.S. State Department and White House.

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  • Ali Baccar

    Ali Baccar is the president of Forum Tunisia for Citizenship, Democracy, and Protection of Freedoms.

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  • Ilwad Elman

    Ilwad Elman works for a national NGO in Somalia, the Elman Peace and Human Rights Centre, as its Director of Programs and Development. The organization works in all areas of human rights.

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  • Yousef Assidiq

    Yousef Assidiq is Co-Founder of JustUnity, a Norwegian organization working on extremism prevention and de-radicalization of youth.

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  • Daouda Zalle
    Burkina Faso

    Daouda Zalle is a freelance film producer and director in Burkina Faso. He studied communication and film production in the U.S. as a Fulbright scholar.

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The Community

One95 also serves as an online platform that connects youth from all 195 countries, working to combat extremism. Members of the One95 Community are encouraged to collaborate on counter extremism concepts by exchanging best practices/lessons learned and supporting each other’s work. This online platform connects youth practitioners across borders and cultures in the global fight against extremism.

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